Mindfulness Training for Health and Wellbeing

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I took this course to deal with stress in my life. I found Doug to be an excellent and dedicated instructor and the techniques that I've learned to be useful in reducing stress. It's not a magic wand, but, worth pursuing in my view.

- Scott

The Practical Wellbeing MBSR program has been an extremely useful course for me. I have learned many techniques that have brought a calmness to my daily life. I would highly recommend the program to any person feeling strained by the hectic pace of life.

- Murray F.

Doug came here to Invermere BC to deliver "Calm the Anxious Mind with Mindfulness" Workshop. This was an excellent workshop and I came away with mindfulness methods to address anxiety as well as increased enthusiasm about my own meditation practice.  

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Thank you for the stress free introduction to mindfulness meditation.

- Anonymous

Doug has given me valuable tools to improve my life. I am happier, more positive and life's problems are easier to manage.

- Anonymous

I really valued learning how to live in the moment and take one moment at a time, particularly in stressful situations. I also became a lot more aware of my breathing and how it could help me stay centered.

- Anonymous