Mindfulness Training for Health and Wellbeing

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Watch Jon Kabat-Zinn describe “letting go”.  “Letting go” is the theme of the May newsletter and is an integral part of learning to be with the present moment as it is.


Watch Jon Kabat-Zinn explain “patience”.  When you feel stuck, sometimes it just takes time to let it all unfold at a speed that is not always in our control.


Watch Jon Kabat-Zinn talk about the relationship between “compassion” and “mindfulness”. Through the practice of mindfulness, you discover that you already are compassionate.


Watch Jon Kabat-Zinn talk about how acceptance of the “way it is” is an important first step in learning how to shift one’s relationship to the actuality of the present moment.


Watch Jon Kabat-Zinn talk about how listening is a compassion practice and that in an MBSR class, one is able to be there for others in a way that is transformative for you and the others in the class.


My professional training in mindfulness has taken place at the Centre for Mindfulness, started by Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979.  Watch the current director of the Centre, Saki Santarelli explain the role that mindfulness plays in our health and wellbeing.