Mindfulness Training for Health and Wellbeing

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3 Hr Introduction to Mindfulness

Are you searching for ways to improve your health and wellbeing?  Many people are living very busy lives in a very stressful world and they are looking for solutions that are enduring, practical, and make sense. You can check it out for yourself!

There is now over 2 decades of published research that indicates the practice of mindfulness reduces significantly the symptoms of stress and anxiety and can have many other profound beneficial effects on our health and wellbeing.

This 3 hour workshop will offer an informal conversation and instruction about the practice of mindfulness and how it works. There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions.

At this 3 hour Introduction to Mindfulness you will learn:

  • 3 mindfulness practices that will be guided by the instructor
  • A short overview of the roots of the practice of mindfulness
  • How to start a practice at home
  • An overview of some of the most recent research from the neuroscience
  • Some suggestions how to apply mindfulness in your life

You will leave with a comprehensive set of handouts and access to guided meditations available on line.

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