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Mary Oliver, one of my favourite poets says this…..In this universe we are given 2 gifts…..the ability to love….and the ability to ask questions.

A question is often more valuable than an answer as it stimulates discussion, it ignites the fire of our imaginations, and leads us forward. Let me know your questions and I will publish a “Question of the Month” in each newsletter.

This month’s most popular questions asked: “I don’t have the time to practice, what can I do?”

In order to establish a mindfulness practice, one of the first  and major challenges is to find the time to do it.

One activity that may be useful is to reflect on your reasons for wanting to learn about mindfulness.  Perhaps you have heard about some of the benefits and you would like to be able to experience what is promised in the research.  What is happening in your life that is related to why you are considering this practice?

Another strategy is to set aside time to practice in your personal calendar in order to make it a scheduled event.

Practicing at the same time every day is another strategy that could help deal with this challenge.