Mindfulness Training for Health and Wellbeing

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Ask yourself right now, “am I awake now?”

Here is the background….. Mindfulness is referred to as a “waking up” of the mind to the present moment.  By waking up, we mean paying attention and knowing what you are doing because you have stopped, listened, and understood.

For example, next time you are having a discussion with your best friend, check out whether you are listening fully to what they are saying  or are you experiencing his/her words through your thoughts and opinions about what you think they are saying.

Waking up means paying attention to the present moment as it is.  It doesn’t mean you have to like what is happening.  A key issue is whether you know and understand what is happening.  Understanding through your direct experience will be quite distinct from knowing through your thoughts.

The habit of knowing through our thoughts and opinions is not surprising.  Most of us are socialized and educated in such a way where our thoughts and ideas are rewarded.  This way of knowing extends into our working lives where we use our ideas and opinions as our source of knowledge about the challenges we encounter.