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Mary Oliver, one of my favourite poets says this…..In this universe we are given 2 gifts…..the ability to love….and the ability to ask questions.

A question is often more valuable than an answer as it stimulates discussion, it ignites the fire of our imaginations, and leads us forward. Let me know your questions and I will publish a “Question of the Month” in each newsletter.

This month’s most popular questions asked: “Every time I meditate, I get very sleepy….Is there anything I can do?”


The first thing to know is that sleepiness while meditating is very common.  It could be that you are sleep deprived and it may be that you are just tired because of this.  You may want to have a quick nap!

Second, it is important to realize that mindfulness meditation involves waking the mind and body!  We want to be more present rather than less aware.  If you find yourself getting very sleepy, try opening your eyes while you meditate.  This will help you to stay awake!

Another way to counteract sleep is to bring an attitude of greater curiosity to the object of your meditation ie the breath.   There may be a tendency for the mind to become bored as you concentrate on each breath, breath by breath.  Once this mind state is recognized, it is possible to generate an attitude of curiosity whereby each breath is taken as a unique event and worthy of our full attention.

What about you?  What do you find helpful?  Let me know through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.