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Instructor Corner….Fire up your Learning….Ask a Question!

Mary Oliver, one of my favourite poets says this…..In this universe we are given 2 gifts…..the ability to love….and the ability to ask questions.

A question is often more valuable than an answer as it stimulates discussion, it ignites the fire of our imaginations, and leads us forward. Let me know your questions and I will publish a “Question of the Month” in each newsletter.

One of the most popular questions asked: How long do I need to practice mindfulness meditation? It depends….I will often say.

If you are “tire kicking”….. try meditating for 5 or 10 minutes a day. Mindfulness meditation sounds simple….for many people, the reality is that it is quite challenging even for a short period of time. Try is out for yourself and see what happens. A tip…..once you decide on the length of time, persist with the meditation until the meditation time is complete. When the mind and body start to complain or it simply becomes difficult, it an absolute opportunity to start to become familiar with the forces at work within us.

If you are fully committed to embrace mindfulness, as those who choose to join the program, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, I ask participants to commit to a practice of 40 minutes a day. This is a strong challenge which is designed to “kick start” the practice in a major way.