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In a recent series of mindfulness meditation teaching, I was thinking about how to help introduce what was involved in sitting meditation and why do it.  First, the what….What came to mind was that meditation was a lot about “stopping”.  Where could I find a stop sign to take to class I pondered?  In the end, I settled for a picture of a stop sign and I used it as a way to make the point that meditation is about “stopping” at least physically for a period of time.  While we would like the mind to stop as well, there is no guarantee.  At the same time, I wanted to encourage them that everyone has the potential to find and drop into a place of calmness and stillness.

 Interestingly enough, just like the motorists, cyclists, and just about anyone else on the road, who really has the time to come to a complete stop, let alone in a quiet space in your house?   One needs to be motivated, whether on the road or getting up early to spend some time stopping in one’s seat.

 Second, the why…As for motivation…..the stop sign reminded me of a song from when I was a kid.   Some of you might remember it….Stop in the Name of Love…by the Supremes.  There was nothing for it but to see if there was a video.  Sure enough there was.  What really caught my attention was the version by the cast Glee.  They had changed the words from what I remember and the way they sang it spoke to me in spirit and intention.  If you watch and listen to the song you will hear them say that “before you leave me you have to learn how to see me”.  And isn’t that what meditation is about….stopping….learning how to see clearlyand be seen….all in the name of love.   Check the video out and see what you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrdDBDZOaVQ