Mindfulness Training for Health and Wellbeing

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Strategy 4 - Learn to practice compassion for yourself.  I have been highly influenced by Sharon Salzberg, a mindfulness teacher and author of “Lovingkindness, the Revolutionary Art of Happiness”.  Among the many practices that are available, one of my favourites is to repeat phrases silently including the following:

“May I be safe and protected

May I be peaceful

May I be healthy and happy

May I have ease”

The spirit of this practice is to plant the seeds of potential in us for these kinds of minds and body states.  Loving kindness practices have been used for thousands of years to help cultivate compassion and kindness.

Strategy 5 – Right in the moment of the experience of anxiety, it is natural to want relief right away—this is a natural and normal human reaction.  Try letting go of the demand that it be gone and focus on embracing the experience with your caring heart.  One practical way to do this is to ask yourself “What do I need?” in this moment and this will be a step towards holding the painful experience of anxiety more tenderly.