Mindfulness Training for Health and Wellbeing

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When we experience the pain of anxiety, it is quite natural to want it to end. In my experience, just because I want it to end will not do much. And when it doesn’t, do you ever find yourself blaming yourself or others for this most challenging experience?

In the workshop this Saturday, we will explore how mindfulness can be used as a resource for the experience of anxiety without blame of ourselves.

Consider that the experience of anxiety does not happen because you have done something wrong or that you have failed. It is happening as a result of how you are reacting to the demands and challenges in your life that have often been learned at another time in your life and some of these mechanisms stop being adaptive.

What can you do? I suggest that mindfulness can be very supportive way as it promotes learning about ourselves and our reactivity in ways that promotes friendliness and kindness for ourselves. Mindfulness involves turning towards our experience and expressions of anger and frustration directed towards ourselves will simply escalate our discomfort.

Come out this Saturday for this 6 hour workshop and begin to explore with compassion this most prevalent and challenging experience.