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Come out to the “Calm Your Anxious Workshop” on Sat. July 5 and learn how fear/anxiety are related to the activity in your brain.

There is new research over the last year or two that shows that mindfulness practices can reduce the part of the brain that activates or fear/anxiety response.

If you think of anxiety as a state of insecurity and agitation that can be triggered by almost anything, it can feel very threatening if this experience is dominant in your life.

Many people will try to get rid or avoid these feelings and symptoms and over time, this response can create an additional grip as we will not understand how these forces are impacting our bodies and mind.

Start to learn about your experience of anxiety by using the practice of mindfulness. The research suggests that with regular practice, the symptoms can be reduced significantly.

At the workshop this Saturday, we will spend a little bit of time understanding how are brain function is an active player when we are anxious. Consider that when you feel threatened and/or anxious, it can be a result of your brain perceiving something as threatening. In our brains, we have an amygdala, which will “sound the alarm” for the mind and body to get ready for a challenge. This fires a signal to our nervous system and all kinds of changes start to happen to prepare us to deal with the situation.

Mindfulness meditation is known to reduce the size and impact of the amygdala and it is also know to help stimulate an inhibitory response from the prefrontal cortex of the brain. In other words, mindfulness will help inhibit the “pulling of the fire alarm”.

Come out and give this ancient practice of mindfulness a try. It is a 6 hour workshop and the cost is only $95 plus GST. Bring a friend and register them for half price. Use code FRIEND.

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