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What would you find…..If you were to stop for one moment…. when nothing much is going on and pay attention to what is going on within you,   For many of us, we will often find that thinking is taking place.

The thinking mind may take many forms including problem solving. Perhaps your thoughts are trying to discover a solution to a problem that has been on your mind lately. Or maybe, your mind is in a daydream where thoughts and images interact to create a more desirable place than the place you are in right now. Other common forms of thinking including worrying about the future where we might anticipate a worst outcome or our thoughts may involve recalling a memory of a past event.

It is quite common to pay attention exclusively to this aspect of our experience. We are taught in school to focus on our thinking and to improve the quality of our thinking in assignments and tests.

When you start to practice mindfulness, you will learn that there are many other aspects of experience to pay attention to other than your thinking. For example, paying attention to what you can hear at any moment can often be a welcome relief to the never ending “story telling” of our cognitions.

You can get control of the impact of thinking by starting to pay attention to the nature of our thoughts and coming to a better understanding of the impact they are having on your moment to moment experience. Many people will discover that a lot of thinking is “not true” and yet, we act and respond as if all thoughts are valid.

You are invited to come out to Mindfulness for Beginners tomorrow at Practical Wellbeing and to start to explore mindfulness as a resource for getting control of your thoughts and improving your well-being.