Mindfulness Training for Health and Wellbeing

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The main benefit to taking Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction is an opportunity to respond to your stressors in a transformative manner.  This is accomplished by changing how we relate to the specific demands in our lives.

Many of us have automatic ways in which we react to stressors that includes physical, emotional and cognitive patterns.  This reactivity is not a problem unless it is activated too often or goes on for too long. If this happens, you may start experiencing the negative impacts of stress.

In Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, you will learn to respond to your stressors in a conscious manner.  This involves raising your awareness about the stressfulness of a demand and to make a choice to respond differently. You will learn how to stay centred in the midst of a demand and to find new ways to relate to your reactivity.

At the heart of this work is a willingness to work with the particular stressor and to make a choice not to withdraw from the problem and this is fundamental to getting control.

Remember, that it is not the stressors that are the problem. Everyone has stressors.

Stress can be worked with through changing our perceptions of the stressors and finding a different way to handle and work with our reactions.  Inherent to this work is changing the way we see our challenges, finding focus when there are competing demands, and sometimes having to change our beliefs about what we can accomplish.  Come out to a mindfulness program and start to learn how mindfulness can help you to get control of the experience of stress.