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Mindful Moment – Developing Mastery of Technology

This mindful moment would be of interest if you feel overwhelmed by the the connectivity that you have to your technology.  This is very often in evidence with smart phones, as many people report feeling compelled to respond and check it continuously.

I would like to suggest an idea that you can develop mastery with technology by setting a clear boundary between yourself and the technology.

Here is where mindfulness can help you.  Mindfulness can help you to make conscious choices of the action that you take, particularly in response to the demands of the phone.

Here are come things to try:

Make a choice to purposefully shut off your phone from time to time.  A place to start may be when you are having a meal with your family or when you are having a conversation with someone you care about.

Use the notification sounds of texts, calls, messages etc. as a signal to stop and take a breath or two before you check to see the nature of the communication.

Use the reminder feature in the smart phone to prompt you to take a break, whether it be for a few moments or longer.  For example, at least once an hour, have a sound remind you to do one or two mindful stretches.  It could be as simple as just standing up and mindfully stretching your arms up over your head as you breathe in and breathe out slowing as you release the arms back down to your side.  If it feels good, do it more than once.