Mindfulness Training for Health and Wellbeing

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Here is a quick exercise to try that promotes both mindfulness and relaxation.  See if it can help.

Here is the background.  We can sense our bodies through our sense of touch and you will find that it is possible to detect many sensations including hot, cold, rough, smooth, soft, hard, tight, loose among many others.

One way of promoting your potential for relaxation is to explore your experience of soft.  Right now, try running your tongue on the inside of either the upper or lower lip.  Feel the softness and keep your mind engaged in this activity for enough seconds to experience and know softness.  You may even want to silently repeat the word softness to yourself as you do this.

Once the sensations  of soft are clear in your mind, bring your awareness into your feet and sense any softness in this area.  Systematically move your awareness into your legs, pelvis, abdomen and continue through the different parts of the body until you reach the top or your head.  Throughout this process, you are actively engaging your sense of touch.

You can do this practice by either lingering in each body part or you can do it quite quickly spending only a second or two in each area.  Once completed, try bringing your attention to your body as a whole and experience softness.