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The new year has begun.  Many people will have created resolutions and/or intentions to get something done or to begin something new.  In my experience, these resolutions often involve a concern that may have been in the making for some time in our lives.

It is very easy to experience disappointment because it ends up being much harder than we expected or that we didn’t understand the effort that it would take to make the change.  The forces at work both inside us and outside of us can be very powerful, such as a habit or way of being that has been practiced and repeated many times.

Consider starting a mindfulness practice.  Mindfulness is an ancient approach that is well documented to help anyone learn more about themselves.

The experience of disappointment is a commonly shared human emotion.  I suggest that if you are experiencing this challenging emotion, to see it as an opportunity to learn more about its roots and dynamics.

Consider that one source to reflect on are the expectations you have of either yourself or others that are involved in the resolution.  Consider letting go of all your “shoulds” about how you “should” be, how others “should” be and the way the world “should” be and to take a more exploratory and gentle perspective.  A good starting point would be to start to identify and clarify these “shoulds”.

You may find yourself, before you know it, on the path to freeing yourself from potentially unrealistic expectations and coming up with a plan and action powerful enough to make the change you want.