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One powerful image that I work with in meditation is the image of a lake.

In your minds eye, try taking a couple of minutes to imagine a lake.  It may be a lake that you have seen personally or it may be one you are familiar with from a picture.

Notice that the lake is a basin of water, held by the earth’s crust.  Depending on the weather and the time of day, the lake will appear differently.  On a sunny day, you may see the sparkling of light that is created when the sun is reflected off the water.  At night, it may be calm and it could be reflecting moonlight.  During winter, the lake may freeze and appear still while in the summer it may be alive with waves.

Imagine that you are one with the lake.  Notice that just as the lake holds all the water, your body and mind hold your experience of the moment.  What kind of day is your lake having.  If stressful, it can feel like a lot of turbulence in the mind and body.  If your day is peaceful, it can feel like you are a calm and serene body of water.

Regardless, remember that the majority of the lake is unseen and underneath the surface.  This unseen part is largely unmoving with the exception of gentle currents, even during a major storm.

Give yourself the opportunity to connect in your mind and body as if you were the lake and that the agitations of the mind and body are just like the surface, held by a much larger calm and stable whole.