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Mary Oliver, one of my favourite poets says this…..In this universe we are given 2 gifts…..the ability to love….and the ability to ask questions.

A question is often more valuable than an answer as it stimulates discussion, it ignites the fire of our imaginations, and leads us forward. Let me know your questions and I will publish a “Question of the Month” in each newsletter.

This month’s question. “When I practice mindfulness, I will often experience a difficult emotion like fear and /or anxiety.  How should I handle this?”

Great question!  The fact that something uncomfortable like a difficult emotion is emerging a good opportunity for you to get to know the experience with an attitude of friendliness and compassion for yourself.  Try to bring a sense of curiosity to the experience and know that the emotion doesn’t define you.  It is simply made up of sensations and thoughts moving in and out of the present moment.