Mindfulness Training for Health and Wellbeing

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The body scan meditation is one of the formal mindfulness practices for “tuning in “ to body for both people who suffer from chronic pain.  The practice involves systematically paying attention to each part of the body one part at a time.  I often start in the toes.  As an example, with the attention resting in the toes, the instruction is to feel any sensation that is present in the toes at that moment.  Sensations are physical and include everything from temperature sensations, tension/relaxation, itch, damp/dry etc.

As you proceed through the scan, some of the sensations will be felt as either comfortable, uncomfortable, or simply neutral.  Regardless, you are encouraged to experience each sensations just as it is with an inner attitude of acceptance, compassion, and kindness for yourself.  Mindfulness is the awareness of the sensation and, by function, it holds and takes care of the sensation.  The act of holding provides a type of container to experience the sensation just as it is.

The power of the body scan comes from learning to face the sensations and to learn and understand them more completely.  With practice. you will be able to experience the full range of body sensations with calmness and stability.