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Hi Doug

I have just read your June newsletter for which I say thank you! But perhaps more importantly while watching the video by Jon Kabat-Zinn. I was reminded of how helpful your class in Mindful Meditation has been for me over the last several months.

This was a second attempt at mindful meditation for me as I had  let my practice lapse for a number of years. I came to your class hopeful that it would help me re-engage with the general calming benefits I had once experienced.

The classes have certainly accomplished that initial goal but to my surprise some unexpected benefits have begun to appear.  Over the last few years my arthritis pain had increased and many different pain medications and therapies had been tried. Some of these treatments provided slight relief and others not at all. BUT the interesting point for me and I’m sure will be for you was this:  during our meditation classes in the last few months I began to notice a subtle change in the level of pain I was experiencing.  Early in the classes I was extremely conscious of the pain and seemed unable to stay focused for more than a brief moment.  Over time as I persisted with listening to your encouragement to “be in the moment” and to stay attuned to my breath, I began to notice a subtle change in the level of pain I was feeling. It wasn’t really that the pain disappeared but I was experiencing moments of calmness about the pain. Once that began, it became easier to breath “with” the pain instead of struggle against it! I am now able to focus my mind more easily on breathing instead of worrying and growing tense about the pain!

I am thrilled to report that I now feel less pain while I am actually engaged in meditation but am also experiencing less sensitivity while not meditating. I am hopeful that I will be able to maintain this new found relief as I continue to grow in my meditation skills. Again I say thank you.

Sincerely, Carol