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3 Strategies for Handling Anxiety – The Mind Pattern that Just Won’t Go Away

Sound familiar?  Are you looking for ways to cope more effectively with the experience of anxiety?

In my experience, one common reaction to the experience of anxiety is our desire for the experience to be over.  I can speak from personal experience that this pattern has shown up in my life many times.

The practice of mindfulness can help in so many ways.  Here are 3.

Start to look at the experience of anxiety as simply a reaction of our mind and body to stress and challenge, in many cases.  Too often, we can label the experience of anxiety as evidence of a kind of defect in ourselves and this can lead to further anxious reactions.

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3 Courageous Steps on the Healing Path of Self-Compassion

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If you are currently experiencing some pain in your life, you are not alone.  It is part of the experience of being alive and sharing in this experience of being a human being.  Self-compassion is a profound healing capacity that can be developed to bring to these struggles that potentially will transform how we relate to the conditions in our lives. 

Self-compassion takes courage as it asks us to turn towards our struggles and to investigate ourselves for the purposes of understanding and transforming our lives through our heart and mind.

The first courageous step involves an investigation of what we are struggling with.  This involves a naming of the problem, as we understand it, and it includes how we are currently reacting to the situation.  If this sounds challenging….it is.  Many of us may have built in habits of avoidance.

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Awakening the Heart with Mindful Self-Compassion

“Meditation (mindfulness) is not for the faint-hearted nor for those who routinely avoid the whispered longing of their own hearts.  It is for individuals interested in the adventure and challenges of self-exploration and transformation, for those who wish to taste and explore new ways of knowing and new ways of being-not someone else’s but one’s own, developed by listening more carefully to one’s own moment to moment experience”.

Life can be very challenging and difficult.  Things don’t go the way we had hoped.  The unexpected can show up and throw us for a loop.

How do we meet and handle these difficulties?

Perhaps you find yourself saying:  “What’s wrong with me?”, “This shouldn’t be happening”, “I must have done something wrong to deserve this.”  If this sounds familiar, you are seeing your “self-critic”.

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