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5 Tips for Reducing Anxiety with Mindfulness


If you are experiencing anxiety, you are not alone! In the 9 years of teaching mindfulness programs, many of the participants mention anxiety as a major challenge.

I have had this experience as well over the years and it reminds me of the way that anxiety can shrink your view of yourself and your place in the world. I have even heard that the experience of anxiety can feel like a prison, which limits our views and possibilities.

Learn the practice of mindfulness – There is significant research that shows mindfulness will significantly reduce the symptoms of anxiety.

Here are 5 mindfulness strategies to consider and learn that are well documented to be effective in reducing anxiety.

Strategy 1 – Remind yourself that the experience of anxiety is not permanent. It comes and goes just like any other human experience. It is possible to learn how to manage and learn from the experience of anxiety.

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Mindful Moment – Turning Your Attention to the Body

Try this….stop for a moment….and turn your attention towards your body.  This is an inner move where we invite our attention to tune into the body and to connect with it by experiencing any sensations that we experience.

I am going to suggest that you do it for one minute.  It might be helpful to use the timer on your phone and see what happens.

As we all soon discover, the mind will likely wander to something else.  In this case, gently and firmly return your attention back to the “felt sense” of the body.

What are you noticing?

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