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The Experience of Anxiety is a Call for Compassion

Anxiety is a call for compassion for yourself

The experience of anxiety is a call for compassion for yourself.  Rather than letting it define you or control you, consider that it may be just telling you that you are alive and that you may be in territory that is somewhat unfamiliar.  Rather than rejecting your experience, consider that it may be a call to bring some compassion to what is happening.

Here are some suggestions for taking action.  Firstly, when the experience of anxiety arises, bring an attitude of friendliness towards the experience, even if it is unpleasant.  Make room inwardly for the kaleidoscope of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations and rather than taking action, practice “being” and see if you can let go of any inner struggle to get rid of the experience. Add a comment

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4 Tips for "If I could just stop my thoughts, then I would be happy :)"

Sound familiar?

Our thoughts are extremely powerful; on one hand they offer solutions to complex problems and, on the other, they drive us crazy.  When was the last time you couldn’t get to sleep or stay asleep because of your thoughts.

In mindfulness programs, one learns to cultivate a different relationship to thoughts and this is how we get some relief.

Here are 4 tips to help you transform your relationship to these “pesky varmints”.

Tip 1:  Pay attention to something other than your thoughts.  For example, right in this moment, try paying attention to what you can hear.  Engage fully in listening and your thoughts will go into the background. Add a comment

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Dump Your Inner Critic with Mindfulness

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One of the benefits of undertaking a mindfulness practice is we get the opportunity to notice how we give ourselves a hard time.  This can take the form of aversion, self hate, negative self judgment that are often revealed in the thoughts that we have about ourselves and the emotions that accompany them.  This kind of mental activity may be flying under your radar depending on how well you know the inner topography of your being.

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