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Handle the Inner Critic with Self-Compassion


“La vie est dure!” said my French brother in law many years ago.  I did not understand a lot of French and I had to ask for a translation.  He said with his best Parisian English accent:  “Life is hard”.  We laughed a little and jokingly shared the French phrase between us many times during one summer visit.

Do you agree?

In my experience, there is no doubt that life presents us with many challenges; some are major and some less so.

I have a question.  How do we ordinarily treat ourselves when things go wrong?

For me, I have learned that I have a harsh internal critic that is an expert with generating self-judgments and criticisms that can often surface when things go wrong.  Over the years, it has been quite a challenge to recognize this force in me and to know what to do about it, if anything.

I have to admit that, for many years, this habit of self-criticism often had a free run in the house of my mind and body.  It created havoc.

What can one do in this situation?

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Discover Your Resource for Self-Compassion


Let’s begin by coming to a complete STOP for just a moment or two.  How often do you we do this?  Are you ready?

Imagine that you are having coffee with a good friend and he/she is telling you how difficult it is to maintain balance and wellbeing during the current economic challenges in Calgary.  How would you respond to your friend?  Can you imagine what you would say and the tone of voice that you would use?

Any thoughts?  Any reactions?

Now, recall a time where you found yourself struggling and suffering.  Perhaps you were experiencing a sense of being inadequate or maybe a sense of failure.  How did you respond to yourself?  Do you recall what you might have said?

Please allow a few moments for this.

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5 Mindfulness Strategies for Reducing Anxiety

If you are experiencing anxiety, you are not alone!  In the 10 years of teaching mindfulness programs, many of the participants mention anxiety as a major challenge.

Learn the practice of mindfulness - There is significant research that shows mindfulness will significantly reduce the symptoms of anxiety.

Here are 5 mindfulness strategies to consider and learn that are well documented to be effective in reducing anxiety.

Strategy 1 - Remind yourself that the experience of anxiety is not permanent.  It comes and goes just like any other human experience.  It is possible to learn how to manage and learn from the experience of anxiety. Add a comment

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