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Thoughts – What can be done with them?


At this Saturday, July 30, 3 hour Introduction to Mindfulness, there is often a lot of interest in what can be done about one’s thoughts.  I hear participants say: “Show me how to stop my racing thoughts, please”.  Another way of putting it is the request: “Please show me how to stop my thoughts”.

In my life, the experience of racing thoughts and other types of thinking, usually unwanted, was a regular challenge.  Prior to practicing mindfulness, I usually felt at a loss in terms of how to respond during these thought episodes.  For example, have you ever gone to bed and wished you could find some way to stop your thinking in order to get to sleep?  How about anxious thoughts that proceed an important event?

Here are some mindfulness tips to consider.

Firstly, know that our minds are generating thoughts all the time.  It is important to understand that it is in the mind’s nature to generate thoughts, and, for this reason, it is not realistic to think that thoughts can be stopped.

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Why Mindfulness Matters - Stop the Hampster Wheel!


One of the purposes of a mindfulness practice is to help you cultivate a way of being that is consistent with how you see yourself.  How we see ourselves may not become clear and visible until we find ourselves behaving in a way that doesn’t feel right.

For example, do you ever find yourself rushing from one task to another as if you were a  hamster on a wheel.  You get the picture....you are running as fast as you can and the wheel is whirling at top speed.  It is as if you are driven forward by forces beyond your control.

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Calming the Storm by Sitting with the Breath

Have you ever tried to stop and just sit with the sensations of your breath?

If you haven’t, try it for perhaps an experience of simplicity and calmness at least for a moment or two.

Inevitably, something will appear in your mind.  It could be a thought, or an emotion and see if you can just let go and return to the breath....the fundamental life force that is essential for life that you have at your fingertips for your life. Add a comment

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