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Treat Ourselves with Same Kindness we Treat a Friend


Did you know that 78 percent of people are significantly more compassionate toward others than themselves, according to Kristin Neff, the pioneering researcher in the field of self-compassion.

Does this surprise you?  What is your experience?

Reflect for a moment on a recent time where you had a close friend who was suffering in some way – perhaps lost a job, had a financial setback, a relationship challenge, or felt depressed.  The basic question to ask yourself is “How did you respond or how would you respond typically in a situation like this?”  For example, “What did you say?”; “What tone did you use?”

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Gentle Mindful Stretch Class

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As we age, have you ever thought….

·  How do we replenish and maintain the vitality of body and mind? 

·  What are some of the practices that are respectful of the aging process and also promote our health and wellbeing?

Gentle, mindful stretching has the potential to meet these needs, according to the research.

Gentle stretching practiced with mindfulness builds flexibility and calmness in the body.  Practiced in this way, the body and the mind work in tandem to create a sense of peace, joy and contentment.  

The stretches are practiced from 4 different basic positions including:  lying on the floor, standing, on hands and knees and sitting. Most people find the stretches very accessible and they can be practiced with modifications.  Each class will end with a guided relaxation.

Doug has been teaching a class like this for over 2 years at the West Side Recreation Center that regularly attracts 30 people of all ages including many in their 50’s and beyond.

Please join Doug who has made yoga and meditation a regular practice for the last 20 years.  He has designed a class that will give you the tools to replenish and maintain your vitality and offer suggestions for applying the practice in all aspects of your life.

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3 Actions to Transform Anxiety with Resilience

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One of the most challenging experiences reported by many of my program participants is the experience of anxiety.   The experience can be very difficult as it can generate feelings of loss of control and panic.  We can learn how to work with these agitations in the mind and body using mindfulness which is shown in the research to help reduce significantly the symptoms of anxiety and facilitate resilience.   Here are 3 actions needed to begin to work in this direction. Add a comment

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