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Why does Mindfulness Practice seem like the Hardest Work in the World?

I often find myself telling participants in my programs that if you are finding practicing mindfulness difficult, you are on the right track.

This comes very clearly when participants express the challenge of not only finding time to practice mindfulness, but, also the inevitable challenges of completing a practice.  For example, there can seem like never-ending thoughts.  They could be about anything e.g. “I don’t have time for this”; “There is something more important to do”.

It is when we come up against the challenges of practice that our landscape of our mind and body will start to appear.

This is a good thing.  We then have a chance to examine and reflect on these patterns.  What shows up in the practice may also be showing up in our own lives.

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Cultivating Kindness for Oneself


Do you ever get the feeling that you need to be perfect in order to feel worthy, accepted, or belong?  Reflect for a moment on whether this applies in your home and/or worklife.

Consider that we might perceive some of the norms and values associated with perfectionism as part of the culture of this competitive society we live in.  Christina Feldman in her new book, Boundless Heart, suggests this perspective and I believe it is worth considering.

With this view, there is a built in failure mechanism to this view and that is “No one is perfect”.  As a result, we can set ourselves up for feelings of vulnerability.

You might even have had the experience of “giving up” or “not trying” because of these perceptions.  I know I have had this experience and it is painful. Add a comment

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Anxiety is Workable....But How?

Anxiety is workable.  How to do this?  This is the main objective of the Saturday, August 12 workshop, called Calming Anxiety with Mindfulness at Practical Wellbeing.

No one likes the experience of anxiety.  Many people report a variety of symptoms including fear, worry, and restlessness among others.  What are yours?  For this reason, it is not uncommon to search out ways to get rid of the discomfort and unease.

By coming to the workshop this Saturday, you will learn that anxiety is workable.  

Here are two ways that we will develop in order to meet this challenging experience.

The first thing that we will do is to learn that it is possible of feel profound stability in our minds and bodies.  Through formal practices of mindfulness, you will begin to experience a sense that it is possible to find a calm and stable inner core that is part of you. 

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