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  • MSC Testimonial from Wilmer Aberto

    Mindful Self-Compassion Testimonial - Winter/Spring 2017

    The 8-week Mindful Self Compassion program was an inviting and gentle experience for me to be introduced to a formal practice of MSC.  I came into the program dealing with tough emotions caused from traumatic stress. What I found was a safe place to cultivate my skills for self-compassion. Doug’s approach is very supportive, and is supplemented by a body of resources that offer options to limit self-criticism, and enhance capacity for emotional wellbeing. In my experience, the act of enrolling in this workshop was a valuable initial act of self-compassion that taught me strategies that I can apply to my daily life. As a pleasant addition to my experience I connected to a community of like-minded individuals who were sensitive and encouraging in the process. I highly recommend this program to anyone open to cultivating self-compassion. Wilmer Aburto