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  • MBSR Testimonial Winter/Spring 2017 Rhiannan

    MBSR Testimonial Winter/Spring 2017

    For anyone who is looking to gain the valuable gift of being with yourself, just as you are, the the MBSR program is for you.  Doug's kind and gentle facilitation skills create an environment of safety, trust and respect in order for participants to embark on the vulnerable journey of self-acceptance.  You will learn and practice a variety of mindfulness tools to anchor yourself in the present moment and how to demonstrate acceptance, kindness and compassion for yourself during times of emotional difficulty.  The program helped me to reflect on areas where I "get stuck" and bring awareness to my deeply rooted patterns of interacting in the world, but most importantly offered techniques to integrate mindfulness into daily living.  Thanks Doug, for offering this wonderful gift to our city, and of course, reminding me that it's never to late to begin again.  Rhiannan